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Potterton Residential

Our sister company, Potterton Residential, manufactures a range of boilers that have been designed to meet the needs of social housing providers and new build developers.

Potterton has been manufacturing boilers since 1850, and over 7 million new build and social housing homes have had Potterton boilers installed. All boilers use the latest heating technology and are built with energy efficiency in mind, with every one meeting the energy efficiency requirement and being environmentally friendly.


Potterton's Promax range is ideally suited to the new build and social housing markets as it offers a range of boilers to meet the needs of different housing types. The Promax Combi is a popular choice for cost-conscious installers with savings on gas bills of up to 37% for homeowners, while the compact design of the Promax SL Heat is popular as they can be fitted into standard kitchen cupboard units.

For new developments with a range of house sizes, the Promax Ultra and Promax System boilers are a good choice with flueing options of up to 20m - offering flexibility for a variety of different housing projects. For houses with more space, the Promax Store is a unique floor standing integrated hot water storage and central heating boiler with an innovative roller system for easy movement.

The Ultra Heat is also a popular choice among new builds as it is the lightest boiler available in the UK and has various models available to suit most sizes of property.

Potterton Residential have carried out installations for a number of social housing and redevelopment projects and their team of experts can be depended on to provide high quality service, promote environmental and low-cost boiler options and meet carbon reduction targets during boiler installations.

Whatever the application, no matter how big or small, Potterton is totally dependable. Visit the Potterton Residential website to find out more.