Boiler commissioning

The best way to have peace of mind long after a boiler has been installed is to ensure your new Potterton Commercial boiler is set to our manufacturer recommendations and you use us for commissioning. This will in turn ensure optimum performance, maximising efficiency and energy savings for the end user and client.

As of 1st January 2020, free boiler commissioning is now available across the Potterton Commercial range of gas boilers and will mean the product will automatically qualify for a 5 year warranty*.

*Subject to registration within 30 days of commissioning. Full Terms and Conditions apply.

Areas that are covered as part of the boiler commissioning process include:

  • •    Installation checks - Ensuring the system is installed in accordance to the specification and manufacturer instructions
  • •    Safety checks - To make sure the system operates safely and responds in correctly in all conditions.
  • •    Operational testing - To make sure the system operates and responds appropriately
  • •    Performance testing - Ensuring the boiler performs as it intended, producing the specified output, efficiency and emission levels

Arrange free commissioning

If you would like to book one of our highly trained service engineers for a site visit to commission your system, please submit the form here and a member of the team will get in contact to arrange an appointment. For more information please contact your Technical Sales Manager.

Terms and conditions

  • •    FOC commissioning is only valid for boilers purchased from 1st January 2020 and does not include the Arizona & NXR ranges. Proof of purchase to be provided
  • •    FOC commissioning to be requested using our request form 
  • •    Attendance is not guaranteed for a specific date, an agreed date will be confirmed and is subject to availability
  • •    No compensation in lieu of this offer will be made and we reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time
  • •    Any issue preventing commissioning from taking place not under Potterton Commercial’s control on the agreed date will be charged at £220+vat for a re-visit if requested
  • •    Please ensure all services and associated systems are ready to enable commissioning to take place.
  • •    Free commissioning is only available for sites in mainland Great Britain.