Boiler commissioning

The best way to ensure your new Potterton Commercial boiler is set to our manufacturer recommendations is to choose us for commissioning. We offer a range of boiler commissioning services to ensure the smooth operation of a new commercial boiler installation. Our aim is to set the boiler controls so that it works efficiently and can easily be maintained through regular servicing.

Areas that are covered as part of the boiler commissioning process include:

  • Installation checks - Ensuring the system is installed in accordance to the specification and manufacturer instructions
  • Safety checks - To make sure the system operates safely
  • Operational testing - To make sure the system operates and responds appropriately
  • Performance testing - Ensuring the boiler performs as it intended, producing the specified output, efficiency and emission levels
  • Failure testing - Making sure the system responds in a safe and controlled condition during failures or shutdowns.

The boiler commissioning checklist comes in the box with the product and is completed during the commissioning process. Alternatively it can be downloaded here. This checklist aims to validate that the system is working at optimum efficiency which in turn can prolong the life of your product. It is important that the boiler commissioning checklist is completed correctly to comply with warranty terms and conditions for your new commercial boiler.

Our boiler commissioning packages are designed to give you peace of mind by making sure your commercial boiler is set up to our recommended manufacturer settings from day one. Our boiler commissioning packages are tailored to suit your specific requirements, and carried out by our highly trained service engineers. You will receive a free log book where you can record the initial settings that we specify, and note any recommendations for future maintenance.

If you would like more information on boiler commissioning, or would like to book one of our highly trained service engineers for a site visit to commission your system, please call the After Sales Service Team on 0345 070 1058, or submit an enquiry online here and a member of the team will get back to you to arrange an appointment.