Wall-hung range

Solid and dependable, Potterton Commercial Wall-Hung boilers are designed for maximum combustion performance and energy efficiency.

Available in outputs from 30kW to 150kW, and offering up to 700kW in cascade, they are suitable for all types and sizes of commercial and residential buildings.

Sirius three WH

Light wall-hung, stainless steel condensing boiler


Output 50kW-150kW

Dry weight 40kg-96kg

Flue connection size 80/125 - 110/160

Cascade Up to 700kW

Sirius three WH cascade

Accommodates two to six boilers

Sirius three WH Rig System

For large commercial and light industrial applications

Paramount five

Highly efficient, lightweight, aluminium heat exchanger

Paramount five with 5 year warranty

Output 30kW-115kW

Dry weight 53kg-84kg

Flue connection size 80/125 - 110/160

Cascade Up to 460kW

Paramount five cascade

Accommodates two to four boilers

Siriusly more outputs 50-250kW

Introducing the new Sirius three range. With a uniquely broad range of options from 50-250kW, there's an efficient boiler for every installation.

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