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In 2012, Baxi Commercial Division teamed up once again with BSEE to offer one lucky reader the chance to help out their local community by entering the Baxi Community Challenge. The prize, a brand new commercial sized gasfired water heater or boiler, would be donated to their nominated worthy cause.

We asked you to provide specific details about a building utilised as a regular meeting place by a community group that is in need of a new commercial gas-fired boiler or water heater, explaining the difference that a suitable donated product would make to that organisation.

In the September issue we published the following shortlist of three:

The Apton Centre, Bishop's Stortford
Hardingstone Village Hall, Northampton
Mossley Scouts & Guides, Greater Manchester

We are pleased to announce that the winner is Mossley Scouts & Guides, for whom Baxi Commercial Division has been able to make an immediate difference by donating a new constant flow type direct gas-fired condensing water heater.

This equipment is the last piece in the jigsaw of what has been a protracted refurbishment project due to the entire dependence of this organisation on the good will of the local community for funds and time given voluntarily to help in this endeavour.

Baxi Commercial Division has a full complement of high efficiency commercial boilers, water heaters and Low to Zero Carbon (LZC) solutions suitable for any community, commercial or public building. It was therefore possible to consider the options and decide on the most suitable product for this particular application.

The winning building was erected over 100 years ago as a public house and later became a Boy's Club until the Mossley Scouts and Guides, Brownies and Cubs, Rainbows and Beavers Fundraising Committee acquired it as the troops' Headquarters in 1989. The renamed Baden House was by this time in very poor condition so the committee immediately embarked upon a successive round of fund-raising activities which continued over the years with the aim of bringing the building and facilities up to an acceptable standard fit for purpose. Grant applications made early on enabled them to install double glazing and central heating and over the following two decades to carry out the most essential repairs that were needed to the roof as well as replacing badly damaged and unsafe flooring and renewing the original wiring.


Phil Richardson, Group Scout Leader, takes up the story. "Since then, the fund-raising has continued and a second phase of improvements was begun in 2010 when two rooms were created on the ground floor for new toilets with a shower area. Earlier this year the toilets and wash basins, with cold water supply only, were installed and a kitchen area was created. The fund raising efforts have continued throughout the summer in the hope that we may be able to complete these improvements, which will include installing showers and fitting out the kitchen, before winter sets in. The donation of a water heater through the Baxi Community Challenge is key to these facilities becoming fully operational."

One of the group helpers, Andrew Kirk, is mechanical services manager for a contracting company and is giving his time freely to install the appliance. He explains, "It was decided that due to the occupancy patterns and usage of the building, constant flow water heating technology would be more appropriate than direct fired storage water heaters. The greatest need for hot water is in the evening when the kitchen and toilet facilities are at their busiest but it was the wish to be able to provide hot water for showers that made the Andrews FASTflo WHC56 continuous flow condensing water heater the best product for the job. Space for the water heater was also limited and this is where the FASTflo triumphed because it is a wall mounted appliance and just the size of a small suitcase."

The FASTflo provides a safe and constant flow of hot water on demand utilising a revolutionary design that measures the incoming water flow and temperature via the primary circuit board. It then modulates the burner up or down to meet hot water demand, with plus or minus one-degree accuracy. This achieves operating efficiencies up to 103% (gross) which means it is economical to run. As there is no hot water store, this appliance is compact and light, which makes it easy to site and install. Additional benefits are that there are no stand-by heat losses and the incidence of scale and the risk of harmful legionella bacterial forming is greatly reduced.

Phil Richardson recounts, "Cooking is one of the main proficiency badges for Scouts and Guides and a fully functioning kitchen will allow them to undertake this activity.

Sleepovers are an important part of any Scout or Guide programme and up to now, we have been unable to hold such events at our own headquarters. Decent kitchen and toilet facilities with hot as well as cold running water will enable us to provide a hygienic and safe environment essential for such activities, whilst the showers will be enormously appreciated by older Scouts and Guides on their muddy return night hikes. These improved facilities, with a reliable supply of hot water, will enable all groups to hold coffee evenings and other fundraising events. We also envisage being able to offer the use of the building for community events, such as children's parties, thus providing a low cost venue for our families and a small additional income towards the upkeep of Baden House.

"The girls and boys are as involved in the fundraising activities and general upkeep of the building as all our leaders, helpers and committee members who give their time and wherever possible, their skilled labour voluntarily. On behalf of us all I would like to thank BSEE and Baxi Commercial Division for giving us the opportunity to benefit from this Baxi Community Challenge initiative."


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