Baxi Commercial division score a hat trick at Manchester Uniteds Old Trafford


Three additional water heating appliances from Andrews Water Heaters and Potterton Commercial, both part of Baxi Commercial Division, have been supplied for installation in Manchester United's Old Trafford Stadium.

The two latest refurbishment projects, completed in 2008 and 2009 respectively, comprised the installation of a further Andrews Supa-Flo water heater and two Potterton Commercial NXR3 cast iron sectional boilers. The former has been fitted to provide hot water to the Players'changing rooms and some of the South Stand hospitality suites, whilst the boilers supply low pressure hot water (LPHW) to the South Stand heating and air conditioning systems.

The Potterton Commercial NXR3 changing room area because four similar units had been installed as part of the Quadrants development and the Club had been happy with their performance. In addition, this was the most suitable water heater of its size to satisfy the demands of the changing rooms on match days.

"We requested a quote from Potterton Commercial for the two boilers, following the positive results from the installation of the latest Andrews Supa-Flo water heater.

Referring to the selection of the Potterton Commercial boilers, a spokesman commented, "We requested a quote from Potterton Commercial for the two boilers, following the positive results from the installation of the latest Andrews Supa-Flo water heater. In the case of both the water heater and the boilers, we were keen to maximise energy efficiency and keep running costs to a minimum."

The two gas-fired NXR3 cast iron model 36 boilers, each with 6 sections, are installed in the South Stand plant room and replace the previous boilers which were reaching the end of their operational lives. They supply LPHW to the radiator system in the South Stand and to the air handling unit constant temperature circuit .The NXR3 model is a sectional floor standing pressure jet boiler with an output of 170kW.

With a specially designed heat exchanger which incorporates multiple flue-ways and fins to increase the surface area, the NXR3 provides a high seasonal efficiency of 86% (gross) in line with Part L2 of the Building Regulations. The heat exchanger carries a 10 year guarantee when commissioned by Potterton Commercial (subject to terms and conditions). A large chamber capacity ensures environmentally sound combustion, reducing CO2 and NOX emissions. A fully modulating matched gas burner provides maximum heating flexibility and the boilers are fitted with a flue which terminates on the stadium roof.

NXR3 Flo R307. This model was the largest in the R300 range with a nominal output of 274kW and a recovery rate of 4697 litres/hour through a temperature rise of 50oC.

Andrews range of Supa-Flo gas fired high efficiency water heaters are designed to supply large volumes of hot water and can be used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. These units have a finned tube heat exchanger which can be copper or stainless steel, with stainless steel headers and manifold. With compact dimensions and a small footprint, Supa-Flo water heaters fit easily into plant rooms with restricted space.

Previously, four Andrews R300 series water heaters were installed as part of the Quadrant project, completed almost four years ago. These supply hot water to the five kitchens located in the North East and North West Quadrants which service the ten new Quadrant suites used by supporters on Match Days and clients hosting conferences during the week. The Quadrants link the main North Stand to the East and West stands and provide additional capacity for approximately 8,000 spectators as well as three levels of hospitality capable of catering for around 2,500 people.


Baxi Commercial Division supplies equipment to Manchester United


The Supa-Flo high efficiency gas-fired water heater from Andrews Water Heaters


Two NXR3 cast iron sectional boilers from Potterton Commercial