Old Swinford Hospital school receives boiler and heating upgrade


Old Swinford Hospital, a boarding school in Stourbridge, is enjoying more efficient, cost effective heating and hot water after investing in upgrades.

A programme of funding allowed the replacement of existing systems across the school, enabling the it to install high performance, energy efficient products from Andrews Water Heaters and Potterton Commercial.

The school began its upgrade with Baxter House, a 60-bedroom boarding block, in 2008. A 25kW NEOflo from Andrews Water Heaters with 300 litres storage was installed, providing hot water to meet the high demand in the shared shower blocks.

Further upgrades were later rolled out across the science and food technology block and Lyttleton, a teaching block for a variety of subjects. Upgrades were also carried out in additional boarding houses, including Prospect, Foley, Maybury, Witley and Dudley which house up to 500 pupils.

With a number of boarders remaining on campus over weekends and half term, a consistent supply of heating and hot water was required across the boarding houses. For this reason, the upgrades were all made outside of term time, ensuring disruption to pupils and teachers was kept to a minimum.

Products installed include Andrews Water Heaters NEOflo and HIflo, as well as both wall hung and floor standing Potterton Commercial 70kW Sirius boilers, with Lyttleton House also including a cascade frame header kit.

Offering high efficiencies, the NEOflo direct fired storage water heater provides low internal pressure loss, making it the perfect solution for areas where low water pressure is a problem. And as the HIflo commercial storage water heater has a fast recovery rate, it is ideal for applications such as this, where the demand for hot water peaks at certain times. On top of this, the Sirius FS boiler provides an energy efficient, cost effective heating solution with a compact design - saving valuable space.

Phil Coyle, director of estates and facilities at Old Swinford Hospital School said "With funding for building upgrades available in stages, we have been able to work with Andrews Water Heaters and Potterton Commercial on an ongoing basis to update the heating and hot water systems across the school”.
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