Salem Church case study


Installer - Dunphy Heating

Why Potterton Commercial? What made the install / church unusual?

In this instance, all of the equipment was kindly donated by Potterton Commercial and we completed the work at our own cost. It was a combined charitable job where the church was able to benefit from a new heating system just in time as the old system had already begun to fail and was unlikely to have survived much longer.

Details about the install?

  • Salem is a small village chapel in Winterbourne just outside Bristol and is one of the oldest Methodist Churches in the Bristol Methodist District.
  • Heating system replacement at the church. Project completed in April 2015.
  • Following specification stage, the project turned out to be affordable for the church, meaning it could be brought forward by two years.
  • Two 70kw Sirius WH boilers were installed, as well as two horizontal flue kits, frames and two low loss header. A 'Spirotech' controller was also installed to allow centralised control. 
  • Nothing too unusual about the installation itself (apart from the donation element)
  • The original boiler at the church was an old 44kW Sealgold boiler that was on its last legs.

Have you noticed any significant energy and cost savings at the church since the Sirius boiler was installed? If yes - please can we have details?

Installation was only completed in April, so too early for results (as this is time the boilers are generally turned off ahead of warmer weather)

Feedback from the church

I am writing on behalf of Salem Methodist Church to express our gratitude to you and Baxi Commercial for the help and support you have given us in providing equipment and expertise to help us to move forward with the replacement of our heating system for the church.

The material support in the supply of boilers, flue kits, controls, support frames and low loss header has made a significant beneficial impact on the overall cost of the project and has enabled us to bring the installation date forward by two years. The timing was also extremely fortuitous because the old equipment was beginning to fail and would probably not have remained in service for much longer.

We are also appreciative of the technical support offered to us both in the early design stages and throughout the installation on site. Your assistance in proposing suitable contractors with expertise in church heating for us to approach for tenders was very helpful and gave us confidence in the eventual appointment of Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical Ltd, which was one of your nominated contractors.

They have done a first rate job and shown that your confidence in them is rightly deserved.
Please accept our sincere thanks for all your assistance in enabling us to proceed with this work which is so important for the future wellbeing of our church, fellowship and local community.