Three condensing boilers for Luton primary school refurbishment


Potterton Commercial, part of Baxi Commercial Division, has supplied three wall-hung condensing boilers for a recent refurbishment project carried out at Tennyson Road Primary School in Luton. These replace the existing boiler plant, which was approximately ten years old and no longer operating in a cost effective manner.

High efficiency condensing boilers were selected in accordance with Luton Borough Council's energy policy and as part of an investment programme to improve the energy efficiency of school buildings, under the auspices of the Energy Saving Trust's One to One support programme. The school has a roll of approximately 200 pupils, aged 4 to 11,and the new boilers supply an existing radiator heating system serving the classrooms, staff room, main hall, offices and other communal areas.


The three Potterton Commercial Paramount 80kW boilers were specified by NPS, on behalf of Luton Borough Council. NPS specialises in providing property design and management services to both public and private sectors and a spokesman commented, "We have wide experience of Potterton Commercial boilers as we have used them over a number of years. We have found them to be completely reliable, straightforward to manoeuvre and, with compact dimensions, they are easy to locate in plantrooms with difficult access."

The boilers were installed by Aylward EMS as part of a complete boiler room refurbishment which involved removing all existing plant, pipework, boilers and controls. Despite being extremely small, the boiler room easily accommodated the compact Paramount boilers, which were wall-mounted and fitted with horizontal flues running approximately 2.5m to atmosphere. The Paramount range of wall-hung condensing boilers feature state-of-the-art heating technology with a combustion system which delivers energy efficiency levels up to 109% net as well as ultra low NOx which exceeds Class 5. These boilers have pre-mix, fully modulating control for complete heating flexibility and the aluminium/silicon alloy heat exchanger comes with a 10 year warranty.

A user-friendly control panel with full text display of operational status avoids the inconvenience of checking codes or lights.

A user-friendly control panel with full text display of operational status avoids the inconvenience of checking codes or lights. Other features include inbuilt weather compensation, summer/winter changeover and time control facilities. The advanced, ISR control system may be used with a simple room thermostat or, using volt-free contacts, with a remote control panel or a fully integrated Building Energy Management System.