Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report 2013


Our business is aware of its environmental and social responsibilities and strives to operate in a sustainable and ethical way. We believe that investing in our people is critical to our future success and long term sustainability. We aim to recruit, develop and retain all employees by inspiring and motivating them to reach their full potential. We will provide a safe and secure working environment which is conducive to the health and welfare of our employees.

We are committed to operating an ethical business and quality assured supply chain that delivers exceptional customer satisfaction with world class leading products and brand values. We will proactively encourage our suppliers to comply with our vision and brand values at all times. We value our environment and are committed to its conservation. We seek to identify and minimise carbon emissions, noise pollution, waste, and packaging, in our workplace, in our products, and throughout our supply chain.

We are committed to working with our local communities on collaborative projects that improve the society in which we operate. We will partner with national and local charities and organisations that share our vision of working in a sustainable and ethical way. During 2013, we formed the UK and Ireland Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) steering committee, which is leading activities that support our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. This more structured approach has enabled minimum standards and initiatives to be implemented for the benefit of all our UK and Ireland businesses and employees.

In conclusion, the process of embedding the UK vision, structures and processes that support our commitment to CSR will continue during 2014 to ensure we truly are investing today in a sustainable future

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