Launch of lower output versions of Sirius FS


Commercial heating specialists Potterton Commercial has launched 45 and 65kW versions of its Sirius FS floor-standing condensing boilers - adding to the 90kW, 105kW, 130kW and 160kW capacities already available. The move will make the compact, technically advanced Sirius FS suitable for a wider range of light commercial applications.

Compared to other commercial floor-standing products, the Sirius FS boilers are lightweight and have a small footprint, meaning they are easy to manoeuvre and install. The boiler range is highly suitable for light commercial premises such as retail outlets, medical surgeries and clinics, police stations, churches, community centres, bars and restaurants. The Sirius FS boilers can also be arranged in modular format for use in larger commercial applications such as hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, leisure centres, large offices and hotels.

The introduction of two new 45 and 65kw models, with footprints of w450 x D645 x H850mm and W450 x D715 x H850mm respectively, makes Sirius FS suitable for a wider range of applications with low heating demands and limited space available for boiler plant. The boilers are thought to be of particular benefit for the replacement market, where many atmospheric boilers are still in existence.

Housed in modern, silver-grey steel casing, the Sirius FS is 107 per cent efficient and fully Part L2 compliant and offers ultra low NOx performance, exceeding class five. Using the latest stainless steel heat exchanger technology in conjunction with sophisticated controls, the boilers deliver maximum condensing performance. An inbuilt weather compensation facility optimises seasonal efficiency, providing full modulation down to 30 per cent and encouraging the boiler to condense whenever possible.

Potterton Commercial's product applications manager Andy Green said: "For a long time Potterton Commercial has understood there is a need for lower output commercial boilers and we have led the way by adapting our product ranges to meet market needs. To ensure optimisation, a boiler's capacity must match the application's heating requirements. For example, light commercial premises like medical centres and restaurants will require relatively small commercial boilers - else the system will be over-sized and hence inefficient. "For a long time specifiers were forced to use higher output boilers for these types of applications, as suitable lower output models were simply not available. In some cases heating systems were being over-sized by as much as 200 per cent, which means that many heating systems are not as efficient as they should be. But things are changing - the market has started to adapt, helped along by Part L2.

"Specifiers now have a range of lower output boilers to choose from, such as Potterton Commercial's Sirius FS. We've also made sure our lower output boilers have the added advantage of being both lightweight and compact." The Sirius FS is easy to maintain and service, with simple access to key components and the premix burner being sited at the front of the boiler. Full on-board diagnostics indicate any faults on the user-friendly display panel.

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