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LZC solutions at Ecobuild 2013 - stand no. N2640

Andrews Water Heaters, Baxi-SenerTec UK and Potterton Commercial, all part of Baxi Commercial Division, are market leaders in energy efficient heating and offer a unique 'one-stop-shop' solution, incorporating the widest range of storage and non-storage direct gas-fired condensing water heaters, high efficiency condensing boilers, the Dachs mini-CHP unit and a variety of LZC solutions.

Andrews Water Heaters

SOLARflo Solar thermal system

The SOLARflo package offers a complete solar thermal solution for both direct-fired storage water heaters and commercial boiler applications. The package includes high quality evacuated tubes, the newly available high specification heat pipe tubes, as well as glazed flat plate collectors, single coil or twin coil duplex stainless steel cylinders, pump station, control unit and system expansion vessel. The new heat pipe tubes prevent the incidence of solar fluid overheat and stagnation that can occur in other types of installation in buildings that have periods of low demand and/or non occupation, especially when solar gain is high, such as in schools.The SOLARflo package can be installed with most Andrews condensing primary water heating appliances or Potterton Commercial condensing boilers.

AMBIflo Air source heat pump

The AMBIflo air source (air-to-water) heat pump offers a solution for pre-heating mains cold water to support gas-fired water heaters in the production of domestic hot water, thereby significantly reducing carbon emissions and running costs within commercial and industrial buildings. AMBIflo is a highly practical alternative in situations where it is not possible to site solar panels, due to lack of suitable roof space or because panels would be obscured from the sun, or other constraints such as inability to obtain planning permission on a listed building. It is enclosed in a weatherproof steel casing as it has been designed for outdoor installation, thereby avoiding the need for additional plantroom space. Available in two outputs of 16kW and 20kW, the AMBIflo achieves a high Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 3.2 (air at 2°C and water at 35°C) and, being an 'out of the box' solution, is straightforward to install.

Potterton Commercial

A-Cubed Gas absorption heat pump

The A-Cubed gas absorption heat pump is a totally new type of product but is no more difficult to incorporate into a modern heating system design than any other LZC solution. However, its benefits in terms of carbon reduction are remarkable, offering an unprecedented net efficiency of around 144% (A7°C, W35°C), gross CV of fuel, after deduction of the parasitic loss. This means it achieves the efficiency level of A+++ under the EuP Directive at these operating temperatures. The A-Cubed uses a gas burner to initiate and sustain a refrigeration cycle, assisted by the available energy from the surrounding ambient air to increase the thermal output. The heat produced can be used to supply low temperature hot water for space heating and/or for the production of domestic hot water via an indirect cylinder, similar to a traditional boiler.

GEOflo Ground source heat pump

Complementing Potterton Commercial's comprehensive range of high efficiency boilers is the GEOflo ground source heat pump. When utilised as part of a suitably designed system, the GEOflo can help reduce the carbon footprint of many commercial buildings. Offering an output of 21.3kW and 4.7 Coefficient of Performance (COP), the GEOflo is recognised as best in class when used with a low temperature heat load such as underfloor heating. As GEOflo's controls are based on the same platform as the latest Potterton Commercial high efficiency condensing boilers, these produces can work alongside each other in harmony to deliver greater carbon savings. The GEOflo package includes the heat pump, pump station for the ground loop and an optional 500 litre buffer tank.

Baxi-SenerTec UK

Dachs Mini-CHP

Dachs mini-CHP units are ideal for applications where there is enough heat demand to keep the mini-CHP running almost continuously, generating cheap electricity and high grade heating and hot water. The Dachs is designed to be robust and reliable so will run for thousands of hours, delivering up to 440,000 kWh of electricity and 1,200 MW of usable heat at a combined efficiency of over 90%. By generating electricity at or close to the point of use, mini-CHP is a great alternative to conventional power stations, which are less than 35% efficient due to waste heat transmission losses. The configuration of modern mini-CHP packages means they can be speedily integrated with existing services, while simultaneously reducing a building's carbon footprint by between 30% and 35%.

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