Paramount MB Prefabricated Heating Solution


Commercial boiler specialist Potterton Commercial presents the Paramount MB modular prefabricated heating solution. Pre-prepared and supplied in individual modules, the Paramount MB is ready for 'plug and play' installations. Its flexibility allows the system to be connected in a variety of linear and corner configurations
and makes transportation and installation simple.

The Paramount MB supersedes Potterton Commercial's Paraskid skid-mounted system, launched in December 2004. The UK's first prefabricated skid-mounted
heating package, the Paraskid aimed to revolutionise the way heating systems were designed and installed, containing all components required for a condensing boiler

Paramount MB is an innovative, flexible, prefabricated condensing solution. Suitable for new and existing plant rooms, Paramount MB includes high efficiency condensing boilers, pumps, a pressurisation system and heating controls. Flexibility has been enhanced with the introduction of individual modules, which allows the system to be connected in a number of configurations, minimises the site space required for installation and makes the heating plant adaptable to a range of boiler rooms - even those with awkward access and layouts. Practically designed, each compact module can fit through a standard doorway, making transportation, manual handling and installation simple.

The Paramount MB is driven by Potterton Commercial's Paramount two boilers and is available in outputs ranging from 60kW to 460kW. All Paramount two wall-hung
boilers feature a superior heat exchanger design and offer optimum heat transfer and exceptional energy efficiency, as well as low noise level operation. Potterton Commercial's product applications manager Andy Green said, "Over recent years, demand for commercial products that can be installed quickly and simply has increased and the heating industry has responded with the design and development of prefabricated 'plug and play' solutions.

The market for prefabricated boiler plant is set to grow substantially over the next few years, as installers and specifiers recognise the time and cost saving benefits that factory-complete boiler plant offers.

"Having introduced the UK's first factory-ready heating solution in 2004, prefabrication is a specialist area for Potterton Commercial - and one that we will continue to invest in. "We assessed the original Paraskid and decided there was scope to enhance its flexibility, hence the modular design of the Paramount MB. The package is suitable for a much wider range of commercial applications; it can be fitted in a variety of layouts, so can reduce the floor space required and can be adapted to suit individual plant rooms."

Incorporating a state-of-the-art self-regulating pump system and integral bypass, the innovative design of the Paramount MB means it can be used on systems with
external flow reducing devices. This in turn enables the package to maximise the use of low system return temperatures, allowing the Paramount two boilers to operate at
optimum condensing efficiency, ultimately reducing energy costs. Paramount MB can modulate down to extremely low loads, whilst maintaining optimum system
efficiency, ensuring it complies with Part L2 of the building regulations.

The Paramount MB also benefits from an integrated control panel and integral intelligent control systems, which offer weather compensation, optimum start and
stop and frost protection. Paramount MB also incorporates a condensate neutralising unit to enable easy discharge and disposal.

Mechanical and electrical field engineers from Potterton Commercial's service organisation provide commissioning, service and maintenance on the complete modular system to maintain maximum system efficiency and reliability. Full technical support is also available through a telephone helpline and a comprehensive
operating manual is provided.

Potterton Commercial's product range spans boiler outputs from 24kW to 3,500kW and includes condensing, wall-hung, pressure jet, modular pre-mix and atmospheric
gas boilers, skid-mounted packages, heat recovery units and calorifiers. The company also offers nationwide boiler erection, assembly and commissioning services as well as a lifetime guarantee on all mainstream products.


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