Potterton Commercial Condensing Boilers


iHE combination boiler

Launching in Spring 2012, the new iHE commercial combination boiler from Potterton Commercial will be the only one of its type on the UK market, producing space heating and hot water from a single generator and a tank, both enclosed within one cabinet. The condensing heat engines with premix modulating gas burners, achieve 96% gross efficiency and heat hot water via stainless steel heat exchangers. The appliances are room sealed for use with either vertical or horizontal flue systems.

There will be two models within the range - one incorporating two 50kW heat engine modules providing 100kW of space heating, the other having three 50kW heat engine modules, offering a space heating capability of 150kW. Both have a similar capacity stainless steel cylinder, storing 300 litres of domestic hot water, and achieve an impressive recovery rate of 1,520 litres/hour and 2,240 litres/hour respectively _T50°C. In line with requirements for unvented stored water, both WRAS and G3 approvals have been applied for.

Most importantly, the iHE can integrate hot water production with solar thermal, air source and ground source heat pump technology for pre-heat, thereby minimising the input required from fossil fuels. Again, focusing on improved efficiency, the new iHE has all the versatile control options for space heating and hot water profiles, including weather compensation with optimum stop and start, frost protection, module sequencing and load sharing.

Paramount three

This is a recent improved version of the well established Paramount series of condensing boilers, which has all the physical attributes of the previous model in terms of size, appearance, outputs and condensing high efficiencies, with the added flexibility of integral advanced controls. These ensure compliance with the Part L2 stipulation requiring heating installations to be zoned and accurately controlled to maximise energy efficiency. Paramount three can control three heating zones and one domestic hot water cylinder. The functionality of the control unit is integrated into the PCB of the boiler so that when installed in cascade mode as part of a modular heating system, a separate control box is no longer required. The lead boiler can control the others in the system and change around the lead and lag boilers to ensure uniform usage and continuous system running during maintenance.

Sirius two WH

The Sirius two WH wall hung stainless steel condensing commercial boiler, is a new solution complimentary to the existing Sirius WH range. The Sirius two WH is available in five outputs from 50 - 110kW and offers increased efficiencies and a greater modulation range with a turndown ratio of 9:1, compared to the 5:1 ratio most commonly achieved in the market. The 50, 60 and 70kW models incorporate a revolutionary design development. The heat exchanger block in these appliances has changed from a duo 'Z' to a mono 'Z' type, allowing one heat exchanger to be used instead of two. Consequently, these units are lighter and, with a width of 450mm, more compact than their predecessors. The Sirius two WH also incorporates the most flexible boiler control technology on the UK market, with the capacity to control three heating zones in compliance with Part L2 requirements. A control box can be added to enable operation in cascade mode. These attributes should shortly bring the new Sirius two to the ETL (Energy Technology List) and ensure that installations qualify for ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance).


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