Potterton Commercial Sirius three stainless steel wall-hung boilers have been used to upgrade the heating system of a Grade II listed church dating back to Victorian times.

West Midlands contractor Status Mechanical Services Ltd including Henry V Jones &Co (SMS Ltd) had been servicing the ageing boiler at historic St George’s Church in Edgbaston for many years. However, at its last service, they deemed the boiler beyond economic repair and a potential health hazard. With the heating season approaching, an emergency application was made by the Parochial Church Council to the Diocese Advisory Committee (DAC) and the Archdeacon to authorise fast-track approval for a boiler replacement. This was to ensure a reliable and more energy-efficient heating service ahead of the colder months.

Reliability and improved sustainability were the key requirements for the DAC which advises on maintenance works in church buildings. For the SMS team, the space constraints in the listed low-ceilinged basement plant room presented an interesting challenge. Flueing was a further consideration due to the move from non-condensing to more energy-efficient condensing boilers. John Ison, Managing Director at SMS Ltd, was familiar with Baxi Commercial Solutions and the Potterton Commercial Sirius three wall-hung boiler range. He recommended installing two Sirius three WH 110 boilers in an in-line cascade configuration with a Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) as the best solution to meet the project requirements at St George’s Church.

“The choice and positioning of the boilers was key, due to the listed nature of the building and the flue arrangement,” John explained.

“We recommended the Sirius three wall-hung boilers for a number of reasons. First, the compact dimensions of the boilers meant that they would fit easily in the available space. Using the cascade kit also sped up installation time as the pipe fittings could be quickly and easily connected, saving both time and effort.

Second, the boilers have a durable stainless-steel heat exchanger which met the Diocese’s requirement for improved reliability. The Sirius three WH 110 models also achieve near maximum gross seasonal efficiencies with NOx emissions as low as 22 mg/kWh (Class 6), meeting the next requirement for a more sustainable installation.

A PHE was used to provide full hydraulic separation of heating circuits and to protect the new boilers from any debris, corrosion or poor water quality in the existing secondary circuit.”





So how did the project go?

“We had excellent service all round,” said John.

“Our Baxi Technical Sales Manager really provided the full service. Not only did he help with the connection equipment, but he also helped us source the special couplings we needed for the flueing. BSS Smethwick, who supplied the equipment, were also great.

“The free commissioning which was carried out by Baxi’s specialist commissioning engineers and extended five-year part and labour warranty that came with the boilers were welcome additional benefits,” he added.

The Church and Diocese are extremely pleased with the project which has resulted in the required more energy-efficient, reliable heating at St George’s Church.

The Potterton Commercial Sirius three stainless-steel wall hung boiler range is available in a wide range of individual outputs from 50kW-150kW, and with a cascade output up to 750kW, making it suitable for a wide range of commercial applications.

The wide 9:1 modulation ratio reduces constant on/off cycling for improved efficiency and boiler longevity. The high gross seasonal efficiency of up to 97.3% reduces energy consumption and low NOx emission levels of under 24.6mg/kW minimise environmental impact. The boilers are supplied with the latest Siemens controls and state-of-the-art PCB to enable enhanced control options for energy-efficient operation. An integrated Cascade function allows up to 16 boilers to be managed by the Siemens controller. The boilers come with free commissioning from Baxi Commercial Solutions commissioning engineers and a five-year parts and labour warranty for complete peace of mind.

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