Whole life costing

When selecting commercial boilers, whole life costing models can predict how much energy a boiler will use, and assumptions can therefore be made about how much it will cost to run (depending on fuel prices), and how much carbon it will emit. By looking at the long-term operational cost of each individual boiler, rather than the initial purchasing and installation cost alone, building designers can be safe in the knowledge that they are recommending a solution that's cost effective in the truest sense.

Where commercial boilers are concerned, whole life costing should include a review of anticipated energy, installation, maintenance and servicing costs, alongside the initial cost of the product. Often components which are cheaper at the initial stages can easily end up costing more in the long run, whether as a result of operational costs or because they need repairing or replacing more quickly.

Equally, some energy efficient equipment will have a slightly higher capital cost. However, this can often be recouped very quickly as a result of lower energy use (and hence lower energy bills). Careful selection of high quality, long-lasting, and efficient heating equipment will also help bring these costs down.

Fortunately, it is now easier than ever to select the most energy efficient products, with space heaters and combi space heaters of up to 70kW having an energy label (ranging from A++ to G) as a result of the Energy Labelling Directive (widely referred to as ErP), introduced in September 2015.

This might seem a lot to consider, but boiler manufacturers should be able to assist by providing an analysis of all the costs and revenues associated with a specific product, so that accurate, realistic budgets for its purchase, installation, operation, maintenance and repair can be set.

Procurement decisions based purely on purchase price may prove to be false economy, costing more in the long run as a result of increased fuel bills or because products will need to be repaired or replaced sooner. Thinking about the long term is much more likely to deliver efficiency, cost-effectiveness and value-for-money.

If you need any help or advice on selecting the right commercial boiler for you, your local Technical Sales Manager will be more than happy to assist you.