Why should I get my product(s) commissioned?

To ensure that it/they are set up to obtain their optimum performance, efficiency and energy saving

Why should I get a Baxi Heating Engineer to carry out the commissioning?

To ensure that the product(s) are installed in accordance with the manufacturers instruction and to obtain an additional 12 month warranty. In the case of Potterton Sirius boilers the warranty will be extended a further 48 months.

How much does commissioning cost?

Our commissioning costs start from as little as £280 + VAT for a single unit. Our full list of prices are available on request. Please contact our After Sales Service Team on 0345 070 1058.

How do I arrange commissioning?

Please contact our After Sales Service Team on 0345 070 1058 to arrange for your products to be commissioned

What is the minimum water pressure requirements for your boilers?

All products need a minimum of 1 bar.

Do you offer primary loop pumps?

Yes, for our wall hung boilers only.

As standard, are your boilers BMS compatible?

Yes, but they may require small programming changes.

Do we need a low loss header?

If you have more than one boiler or more than one zone, then yes. For further information on specific installations, click here to contact us.

What controls come with the boiler when I purchase it?

Our condensing units (Paramount five, Sirius three WH and Sirius FS) come complete with our Outdoor Weather Sensor. The Paramount five has an inbuilt 7-day timer. The Sirius FS has a 24 hour inbuilt timer. The Sirius three WH does not have a built in timer. We offer optional controls, for which you can find more information on our product brochure here.

Do Potterton Commercial offer optional room controls and thermostats?

Yes, for more information please refer to the specific sales literature for each unit that we supply. A complete range of controls for the Paramount five and Sirius boilers is available. These improve functionality for some of the advanced benefits of the range including zone control, compensation, optimisation and hot water control. Up to 12 boilers and 12 zones can be accommodated.

Do I need to use the Outdoor Weather Sensor on a modern condensing boiler?

Yes, on a modern condensing boiler the Outdoor Weather Sensor makes the unit more efficient by modulating the boiler output. This means that the boiler is more likely to remain in condensing mode for longer periods.

Can Potterton Commercial products run on LPG?

Yes, our entire product range can be adapted to LPG except the Sirius FS 400kW and 525kW models.

What flues are available for Potterton Commercial boilers?

For the Paramount five and Sirius three WH - please refer to the sales literature for definitive flueing options. All flue extensions etc are available from Potterton Commercial.

For the Sirius FS series - this is conventional flue. For further details on the flue please refer to the sales literature or a flue specialist.

I have an existing system and want to replace my old boiler with a new condensing one. Which unit would you recommend?

We would recommend either our Sirius units or the Paramount five units. On a system that has a temperature rise of 11ºC, in our experience, the Paramount five units are more suited. However, regardless of the unit that you choose to fit we recommend that the system is flushed and treated with an inhibitor and an air/dirt separator is fitted on the return system to the boiler.

I need to know the seasonal efficiency of my boiler. What is it?


Building Regulations Part L2
Range Model Gas Gross Efficiency Oil gross efficiency
100% 30% 15% Seasonal 100% 30% 15% Seasonal
Aluminium Paramount five 87 96 96 95 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Stainless Steel Sirus three WH 88 97 97 95 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Sirius FS (130 & 160) 88 97 97 95 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Sirius FS (50-110) 88 97 97 95 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Sirius FS 400 & 525 87 98 98 96 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Pressure Jet Arizona Evolution 3 83 83 83 83 86 86 86 86


Which Potterton Commercial products are currently ECA/ETL listed?

The Paramount two, Paramount five, Sirius three WH and Sirius FS (50kW, 70kW, 90kW, 110kW and 160kW models only) are listed on the ECA/ETL website.

To assist you with the purchase and maintenance of our products, we have listed answers to the most commonly asked questions that our customer support team get asked. If you can't find the answer to your question, contact us