Make your product more efficient with reliable controls

Using reliable controls can improve the overall performance of your heating system by allowing you to accurately control the temperature of your heating and hot water. These controls also can help you save money by improving the energy efficiency and help meet requirements of Building Regulations Part L2 A & B.

Zone controls and timers

Zone controls allow you to set and control different temperatures for specific areas of the property or building. Timers allow you to determine when the heating and hot water comes on and goes off depending on demand.

Weather sensors and thermostats

Weather sensors can influence the heating output depending on the weather outside, increasing energy efficiency. Remote programmable digital room thermostats control the temperature of the room based on the time of day and internal temperatures, making it warmer in the daytime rather than at night. This increases efficiency by only using energy when needed.

For more details on controls and how they can increase your energy efficiency, please refer to the relevant brochures.  If you have any questions contact your technical sales manager.