Choosing a commercial boiler

There are a variety of commercial boilers on the market, and with so many things to consider, it can be difficult for heating engineers to choose between them. The initial cost of a commercial boiler will always play a part in the decision making process, but having this as your only criteria may end up costing you more in the long term.

We have put together a shortlist of the main considerations you should make before choosing the right commercial boiler for your project.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has to be a key consideration in today's market. As a result of the Energy Labelling Directive (ErP), it is now easier than ever to select the most energy efficient products. Energy labels provide very useful information and additional performance and efficiency parameters can be found in a 'technical fiche'. Potterton Commercial have a free ErP tool that allows users to create and download a label and fiche for a completed system or package installation.

Being able to assess a boilers anticipated energy use over its lifetime allows you to estimate how much carbon it will emit. Today, combatting climate change is more important than ever, and with the fifth carbon budget and the Paris Agreement in mind, carbon emissions from commercial buildings must be kept low.

You can find more information about the ErP Directing here, but if you have any other questions your local Technical Sales Manager will be more than happy to help.

Whole life costing

Manufacturers can provide whole life costing models which can be used to predict how much energy a commercial boiler will use, and how much it will cost to run (depending on fuel prices). Whole life costing models include the boilers initial purchase price, along with all the anticipated maintenance costs, such as energy, installation, maintenance and servicing. Your local Technical Sales Manager will be more than happy to provide advice on this.


The work involved in installing commercial boilers can vary so it's definitely an area worth investigating. Some manufacturers have invested in making their boilers simple to fit, and as light and as easy to manoeuvre as possible. The Sirius two WH boilers from Potterton Commercial, are compact in size and lightweight, making them very easy to install. Boiler frames and cascades simplify the installation process further.

Replacement parts

As a certain amount of maintenance work will always be required on a commercial boiler, it's a good idea to review the availability of spare parts. Potterton Commercial's dedicated parts division can provide genuine spares for all our products, and the parts helpline are always on hand to offer technical support and advice.


Warranties are another area to think about when choosing a commercial boiler, with lengthy warranties giving the end user peace of mind. On certain products, and if certain terms and conditions are met, Potterton Commercial offers a five-year warranty*. We also offer a range of boiler commissioning services to our customers. Taking this step means a boiler will be set up to our recommended settings from day one, helping to ensure the product is working at optimum efficiency. It can also prolong its life and minimise its environmental impact. Find out more about boiler commissioning packages.

Technical support

Another thing to consider is the amount of support that is provided by the manufacturer, both pre and post-sale. Potterton Commercial has a dedicated Tech Support team who can provide help during the initial planning stages right through to installation and aftersales. We also provide product training for contractors and heating engineers to ensure they have the skills they need to install and maintain our products.

Water treatment

No matter what commercial boiler you choose, it is essential to include chemical water treatment as part of the installation and ongoing maintenance schedule. Heating systems will perform better, more efficiently and more reliably with good quality water circulating in them.

Although there is a lot to consider when choosing the right commercial boiler for your project or application, it doesn't need to be complicated. Your local Technical Sales Manager is available to give you help and advice at each step of the process. Find contact details for your local Technical Sales Manager.

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