Floor-standing range

Tried and tested, Potterton Commercial's Floor-Standing boilers combine exceptional energy efficiency with ultra low NOx performance (35mg/kWh Class 5). Available in outputs from 50kW to 525kW, and offering up 600kW in cascade, they are suitable for all types and sizes of commercial application.

Sirius two FS 50kW - 110kW

Compact floor-standing, stainless steel condensing boiler


Dry weight60kg-109kg

Flue connection size80/125 - 110/160

CascadeUp to 440kW

Sirius FS 400kW and 525kW

Floor-standing, stainless steel condensing boiler


Dry weight359kg/ 424kg

Flue connection size180

Eurocondense four

Floor-standing, aluminium condensing gas boiler


Dry weight205kg-344kg

Flue connection size160-200

CascadeUp to 600kW